RYNAN Technologies Printing develops sustainable coding & marking hardware and software solutions that are efficient for our customers.

About RYNAN Technologies

Established in 2015, RYNAN Printing operates across Vietnam, Singapore, and India, positioning itself as a pivotal business entity under the umbrella of RYNAN Technologies. Renowned for pioneering advancements in industrial thermal inkjet technology, our commitment to innovation sets us apart.

With years of research and development in the thermal inkjet space, RYNAN Printing have developed a range of hardware, software and ink solutions that address the specific needs in the coding and marking industry.  

Our products are engineered to be tough and reliable for high coding and marking performance, with low power consumption and maintenance. With better performance, we help our customers to increase output while reducing down-time, making it more sustainable for their businesses.

Our Vision

We seek to empower industries with forward-thinking, impactful, and sustainable technology, shaping a future where innovation propels success.

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RYNAN Technologies prioritizes building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with all our partners. By providing quality products and technical support, our partners can focus on meeting their sales targets and achieve customer satisfaction.

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What We Offer

Customize printers & inks

Tailor your business solutions by adapting and customizing our existing products to seamlessly align with your unique needs.

Product development

Develop new products and solutions quickly based on customer specifications.

Right people to do the job

Qualified and trained professionals to ensure you get quality and cost-effective products.